Located above the pits, the best place to invite your favorite clients, thus they will enjoy the race and at the same time live closely all the emotion of the paddock.
These suites are 44 m2, have a their own bathroom, bar, food and drinks area, two monitors to follow closely all the action on track and two waiters to attend your guests.
All of this in a place were 30 people will feel the speed to the max.
In front of the pits we’ve created two types of suites to choose depending on your needs:

Silver Master – These suites are 42 m2, with a capacity of 32 people. These suites have a shared bathroom with other suites. They have a terrace design, that allow to see all the action in the pits.

Silver – these suites have a capacity of 22 people with the same specification as the Silver Master, and thanks to their plurifunctional design they can be adapted to the users needs.

Quantity 43 4 42
Location Pits Pits Straightaway Pits Straightaway
Dimension (with balcony) 4.15 x 10.80 4.50 x 9.15 3.00 x 9.15
Type close open open
Bathroom one per suite general general
Capacity 30 32 22
Pit passes 5 5 5
Padock Acces 30 32 22
Monitors ok ok ok
Waiters 2 2 2
Food and Bevarage ok ok ok
PLATINUM $35,700
SILVER $17,000
1.- Only event sponsors will be permitted to have one hostess per suite.
2.- Signalization and presence within the suites is not permitted, like hanging signs or nailing on walls. Only pasting posters, not making holes and having presence with ashtrays, tent cards, table centers, etc.
3.- Additional tables or chairs besides the equipped on the suite is not permitted.
4.- Only people with suites tickets can enter the suite area.
5.- Bringing Food and Beverages is prohibited.