The dates to request your credentials start from Wednesday January 12 and will close on Friday Febuary 25.

We ask all the media to request their credentials as soon as posible so we can provide a better service.

Media will need to send their requests via e-mail to, o with all of this information

1. Name of the media
2. Editor
3. Full Address
4. Phone Number
5. Fax Number
6. Website
7. Name of their reporters, area of work and email.

In case of some data to be missing OCESA may revoke the credential authorisation.

Specify on request the types of access every reporter might need to cover the event.

For controlled access OCESA has a LIMITED number of them, because of this, understanding that certain media need certain passes as well satisfaction of most of the media will intended but only media who need it will get it.

NOTE: OCESA recognises the support and effort that all the media give to this event, therefore all special activities (interviews, specials, etc.) should be attached to the request to justify the amount of credentials along with their access to be assisted in case they need with enough time and effort.

Once requests are received, OCESA will evaluate and authorise credentials and their access.
Response will be sent to the same email from which it was submitted in a lapse no longer than 3 days.

Credentials will be Picked Up at the Palacio de los Deportes parking lot at Gate N° 1 from February 20 in specific hours still to confirm.

Credentials are PERSONAL and every reporter must present an Oficial ID with a photo that should be carried along with their credentials every time .

In case of not covering all of the above the credential will NOT be given.

Access to media center, pits, parking lot, etc. will be given along with the credentials.

For Photo VESTS, media will receive along with their credentials a manual with the timetable and responsibilities involving these.

OCESA may retrieve any photographer or media its VEST or credential at any moment if its considered necessary.

Ramón Osorio J.
P.R. & Press Manager
OCESA Sports