On February the NASCAR fans will be able to enjoy at the IMAX at Cinépolis Perisur all of the action and adrenaline from the NASCAR 3D movie. A really well structured documentary were you can see step by step everything that happens during the NASCAR Series Races at the US.

For movie lovers: there are good and bad movies, this is definitely an extraordinary film, the type of shots taken plus the effects provided in a 3D film. Surely many who see the movie will be tempted to live in person a NASCAR race, being the Telcel-Motorola 200 Presented by Banamex their best opportunity.

For motor sports fans: there is no better way to learn completely about NASCAR than seeing this movie. Its filled with action scenes that will make you breathless, along with exclusive interviews taking you inside the series, knowing how and where the cars are constructed, the origins of NASCAR, and much more secrets you don’t see on a day to day basis.